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Product CodeProduct Description

Price GST Inc.

H1000Elite Bloomer Hopples$425.00
H1001Elite Tubular Hopples$285.00
H1002Elite Heavy weight Hopples$325.00
H1003 Elite Bridle +Overcheck $180.00


Elite Bridle$100.00
H1005Elite Overcheck$80.00
H1006Elite Half pull down Blinds$195.00
H1007Elite Full Pull down Blinds$195.00
H1008Elite Half Blinds$75.00
H1009Elite Full Blinds$75.00
H1010Elite Cup Blinds$110.00
H1011Elite Half Hopples $575.00
H1012Elite Telescopic Blinds $115.00
H1013Elite Noseflap$88.00


Elite Elastic Mesh Horse Visor$50.00
H1015Elite Double Ring Pole Halter$65.00
H1016Elite Double Ring Halter & Noseband $75.00
H1017Elite Murphy Blinds$70.00
H1018Elite Reversible Blinds$120.00
H1019Elite Seto Noseband $60.00
H1020Elite Figure Eight Noseband $50.00
H1021Elite Leather Tongue Tie$15.00


Elite PVC Tongue Tie$12.00
H1023Elite Bloomers$155.00
H1024  Elite Hopple Elastics$65.00
H1025Elite Connecting Straps $58.00
H1026 Elite Long Connecting Straps $58.00
H1028  Elite Front Carrier $30.00
H1029 Elite Middle Carriers $25.00
H1030 Elite Plain Hind Carrier $15.00
H1031 Elite Hind Hopple Carrier $30.00
H1032   Elite Hind Loop Hopple Spreader$30.00
H1033 Elite Hopple Shortners $18.00
H1034  Elite Hopple Pins and Cords$30.00
H1035  Elite Murphy Blind Removable Eye$98.00
H1036   Elite Shin and Tendon Boots$115.00
H1037 Elite Hind Trotting Boots $285.00
H1038   Elite Pastern Boots$56.00
H1039 Elite Hutton Overcheck $100.00
H1040  Elite Running Overcheck$100.00
H1041 Elite Race Harness  $575.00
H1042   Elite Work Harness$600.00
H1043 Elite Quick Hitch Harness $575.00
H1044   Elite Reins With Four Loops$128.00
H1045 Elite Deluxe Tiedowns $48.00
H1046   Elite Elastic 75mm Girth$105.00
H1047 Elite Plain Breastplate $88.00
H1048   Elite Buxton Breastplate$100.00
H1049  Elite Buxton Traces$48.00
H1050 Elite Plain Short Breastplate  $75.00
H1051 Elite Elastic Undercheck $56.00
H1052  Elite Elastic Undercheck And Neck Strap$65.00
H1053 Elite Crupper with Sponge Dock $80.00
H1054  Elite Harness Shaft Loops $55.00
H1055 Elite Harness Shaft Cups $55.00
H1056   Elite Harness Terrets Pair$40.00
H1057 Elite Harness Pads 50cm x 18cm $45.00
H1058   Elite Harness Pads 75cm x 18cm$80.00
H1059 Elite Gaiting Straps $85.00
H1060  Elite Rearing Straps $85.00
H1061 Elite Bucking Straps $75.00
H1062  Elite Harness PVC Gear Bag$148.00
H1063 Elite Bumper Boots$180.00
H1064  Elite Velcro Murphy attached to Blinds $135.00
H1066 Elite Drivers Visor $88.00
H1067 Elite Breastplate Cover $45.00
H1068 Jacks Ear Hood $60.00
H1069  Jacks Pull Off Hoods$75.00
H1070 Elite Ear Hood $60.00
H1071 Elite Cup Pull Down Blinds $195.00
H1072 Elite Deluxe Hopples $310.00
H1073 Elite Long Traces $75.00
H1074 Elite Chicargo Hanges $70.00
H1075 Elite Trotting Undercheck $95.00
H1076  Elite Under Check with Stiff Nose Piece$135.00
H1077  Elite Hind Wraps$40.00
H1078 Elite Wool Dress Rugs $210.00
H1079 Elite Fleece Ear Plugs $40.00
H1080 Elite Sponge Ear Plugs $40.00
H1081  Elite Noseband $25.00
H1082 Elite Hackett Quick Hitch Saddle, E Girth, Crupper - Race Day Harness$450.00
H1084 Elite Heavy Spreaders Replaceable Fittings $195.00
H1085  Elite Neck Bands 2 Colours $25.00
H1086 Elite Work Harness Economy saddle girth crupper $450.00
H1087   Elite waffle pads - matching trims$85.00
H1088 Elite Bar Rein One Side $165.00
H1089  Elite Chin Cover$48.00
H1090 Elite Father Christmas Shadow Roll $95.00
H1091  Jacks Sponge Ear Plugs $40.00
H1092 Elite American Full Blinds $100.00
H1093  Elite Neoprene Leg Bloomers$195.00
H1094 Elite Neoprene Hopple Bloomers $220.00
H1095  Elite Shadow Rolls$75.00
H1096 Elite 1/2 Blinds Buckle $75.00
H1097 Elite Full Blinds Buckle $75.00
H1099   Elite Fluffy Kant See Backs$50.00
H1100 Elite Quick Hitch Plain Breast Plate $78.00
H1101Elite Cart Covers$485.00
H1102Wheel Bag


H1103Elite One Leg Spreader


H1104Elite Half Cut Blinds


H1105Elite Undercheck with stiff nose


H1106Elite Anti Grit Hood


H1107Elite Anti Grit Nose Guard


H1108Elite Hackett Quick Hitch Work Harness




Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice GST Inc
M1000 Elite Mouthing Harness  $285.00
M1001  Elite Anti Pull Back Strap$38.00
M1002 Elite Anti Pawing Chains$46.00
M1003 Elite Hind Leg Roping Set $235.00
M1004 Elite Heavy 6mt Lung Leg $85.00
M1005  Elite Anti Pull Back Lead$58.00
M1006 Elite Heavy Duty Leads $36.00
M1007 Elite Heavy Web Halters $70.00
M1008 Elite PVC Halters $80.00
M1009   Elite Leather Farriers Apron$275.00
M1010 Elite Canvas Farriers Apron  $195.00
M1011 Elite Farriers Tool Pouch (pvc)


M1012 Elite Farriers Tool Pouch (Leather) $65.00
M1013  Elite Leather Wind Suckins Strap$100.00
M1014 Elite Front PVC Leg Strap $80.00
M1018 Elite Halters With Added Colours  $80.00
M1019The Southlander Horse Cover Wool or Cotton lined$325.00
M1020The Southlander Neck Rug



Fiat Racing Equipment

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice GST Inc.
R1000   Elite Surcingle$60.00
R1001 Elite Girth (single Elastic) $60.00
R1002  Elite Girth (Elastic 1 End Double Buckles) $85.00
R1003 Elite Girth (Elastic 2 Ends Double Buckles) $98.00
R1004 Elite Girth (Elastic 2 Ends Double Buckles)  $80.00
R1005 Elite Rubber Lined Girths Add $20.00
R1006  Elite Breastplates $68.00
R1007 Elite All Elastic Breastplate $68.00
R1008  Elite Girth Fleece$25.00
R1009 Elite Rubber Girth Sleeve $35.00
R1010   Elite all Elastic Girth$68.00
R1011 Elite 19mm Stirrup Leathers $48.00
R1012  Elite Saddle Pads $100.00
R1013  Elite Race Bridle$100.00
R1014  Elite Race Bridle & Noseband$140.00
R1015 Elite Race Bridle (Rossetts) $115.00
R1016  Elite Race Bride & Noseband (Rossetts)$145.00
R1017 Elite Race Bridle (Brass Buckles & Rossetts)  $125.00
R1018 Elite Race Bridle & Noseband ( Brass Buckles & Rossetts) $160.00
R1019 Elite Race Reins $60.00
R1020  Elite Martingale $50.00
R1021 Elite Cotton Race Hoods $100.00
R1022 Elite Race hood & Ear Pieces $115.00
R1023 Elite Elastic Bit Carrier $40.00
R1024 + H1036   Elite Shin & Tendon Boots$100.00
R1025 Elite Nose Roll $60.00
R1026 Elite Jumpers Front Boots$125.00
R1027 Elite Bumper Boots $180.00
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Buy quality, Buy New Zealand made that won't let you down


Products made by a qualified saddler with 35 years experience 


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