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Elite Racing Products

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Elite Racing Products Pricelist
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Product  Code:H1000


Elite Bloomer Hopples


New to our range due to client requests. Made from leather for strength and durability. Black only..


Product  Code:H1001


Elite Tubular Hopples


Medium weight hopples available in all colours.


Product  Code:H1002


Heavy Weight Tubular Hopples


32mm wide. Great for assisting gaiting problems. Black only.


Product  Code:H1003


Bridle and Overcheck


Wide easy adjusting overcheck. Available in all colours.


Product  Code:H1013


Elite Nose Flap


Product  Code:H1014


Elite Elastic Mesh Horse Visor


Helps with grit issues.


Product  Code:H1017


Elite Murphy Blinds with heavy duty clips. All styles


Product  Code:H1017


Elite Murphy Blinds with heavy duty clips. All


Product  Code:H1019


Elite Seto Noseband


Product  Code:H1023


Elite Leather Bloomers


Velcro and strap to hopples for gaiting problems.



Product  Code:H1035


Elite Murphy Blinds Removable Eye


Product  Code:H1036


Elite Shin and Tendon Boots


Very popular. No chafing. Easy velcro attachment. Black or White.



Product  Code:H1037


Elite Hind Trotting Boots


Product  Code:H1038


Elite Pastern Boots



Product  Code:H1041


Elite Race Harness


Elite Race Harness with tree, girth, crupper and matching pad.



Product  Code:H1042


Elite Work Harness


No worry about maintenance as this harness has no tree to break, nor do you have to worry about broken terrets as we use a different method, once again we have used non rust fittings and hard wearing reinforced material. This harness is very popular and comes with reins, breastplate, pads. Very strong.

No bridle.


Product  Code:H1043


Elite Quick Hitch Set Elastic


Elite Quick Hitch Race Harness with tree, girth, crupper and matching pad.



Product  Code:H1044


Elite Reins


Very soft web with 4 loops per rein.


Product  Code:H1048


Elite Buxton Breastplate. Colours


Product  Code:H1051


Elite Elastic Under Check


Product  Code:H1060


Elite Rearing Strap


Product  Code:H1061


Elite Bucking Strap


Product  Code:H1062


Elite Harness Bag


Made with Heavy Duty PVC Zipped and with pocket. Most colours available.


Product  Code:H1063


Elite Bumper Boots



Product  Code:H1064


Elite Velcro Murphy attached to Full Blind


Product  Code:H1065


Elite All Weather Dust Sheet


Passed by HRNZ for all race conditions.

No flapping, no noise and waterproof

Also ideal for training cart..


Product  Code:H1066


Elite Drivers Mud Visor


Product  Code:H1070


Elite Ear Hood


Product  Code:H1072


Elite Deluxe Hopples


Soft leather backing, well balanced and easy to clean.
Ultimate strength with new double web around the solid hopple block.
Best seller in Artic White but all colours available.
Includes strong connecting straps and soft carrying straps..


Product  Code:H1076


Elite Under Check with Stiff Nose Piece


Product  Code:H1082


Elite Hackett Quick Hitch


Elite Hackett Quick Hitch Saddle, elastic girth, crupper, lightweight ideal for racing. All colours.


Product  Code:H1084


Elite Heavy Spreaders


Made with replacement fittings that are easy to replace. Heavy Tube.



Product  Code:H1088


Elite Bar Rein One Side, no boring pole required



Product  Code:H1089


Elite Chin Cover


Product  Code:H1090


Elite Father Christmas Shadow Roll




Product  Code:H1093


Elite Neoprene Leg Bloomers



Product  Code:H1094


Elite Neoprene Hopple Bloomers



Product  Code:H1095


Elite Shadow Roll



Product  Code:H1099


Elite Fluffy Kant See Back



Product  Code:H1100


Elite Quick Hitch lightweight Breastplate. Colours


Product  Code:H1101


Elite Cart Covers


Protect your cart from scratching and road damage whilst travelling. Very simple for one person to attach.

Double thickness PVC with soft internal padding for optimum protection. Velcro fastening, leather reinforced at shaft tips, foot rests and seat.

Black with colour trim.


Product  Code:H1102


Wheel Bag


Padded PVC with circular zip and padded spacer to separate wheels. 


Product  Code:H1103


Elite One Leg Spreader


Product  Code:H1104


Elite Half Cut Blinds


Product  Code:H1105


Elite Half Hopples


Neoprene lined 6" wide girth with elastic for ultimate comfort. Pulley set up with plenty of adjustment 


Product Code: H1106


Elite Anti Grit Hood


Heavy neoprene and gauze eye pieces to help calm and give confidence. Match with H1107 for complete grit protection.


Product Code: 1107


Elite Anti Grit Nose Guard


Ultimate Nose Protection without Blocking Nostrils


Product Code: 1108


Elite Hackett Quick hitch Harness


No tree, heavy padding, elastic girth and crupper with extra attachable pad for ultimate wear and comfort


Product  Code: M1000


Elite Mouthing Harness


Product  Code: M1001


Elite Anti Pull Back Strap


Product  Code: M1002


Elite Anti Pawing Chains


Product  Code: M1003


Elite Hind Leg Roping Set


Product  Code: M1010


Elite Canvas Farriers Apron with Leather inserts


Product  Code: M1014


Elite Front PVC Leg Strap


Product  Code: M1018


Elite Halter. Colours




Product  Code:  M1019



The horse cover that fits.



- New Pattern

- Proven Regentex 18oz canvas

- Wool or cotton lined

- Wither pad

- Breast strap pad

- Double clipped leg straps

- Lined neck rug

- Sizes 3’9”, 4’, 4’3”, 4’6”, 4’8”, 4’10”, 5’, 5’2”.



- Perfect fit, no slip

- Breathable canvas, no more smelly synthetic rugs

- Perfect dry winter warmth

- Wither pad to stop rubbing

- Double leg clips for extra safety

- Easy clips on neck rug




Product  Code:  M1020